Bianca S22 Red/Black

(199.00 inc tax)

With the press of a button, you will have a superbly frothed cappuccino or latte in your hands within minutes.


And no matter what your selection is, with or without milk, you will achieve barista quality coffee in the convenience of your home or office.
Technology and simplicity have joined together to make your coffee experience even more enjoyable than ever before without compromising on the tradition of making the perfect espresso.
The Caffitaly System with the unique two filter system within each capsule - you’ll achieve a superior coffee extraction and delivery each and every time.
Apart from the Italian design and innovative technology, the S22 is all about convenience and packed with features so you can enjoy all the pleasure without any fuss.

With the purchase of the S22 White you will receive a tasting kit of 20 capsules.

             Integrated Milk Frother                                   One Touch Technology                                    Easy capsule insertion

                 1,3 Litre Tank                                                          15 Bar                                                      No Fuss Cleaning