Caffitaly System

The Caffitaly System

Caffitaly System         Caffitaly System

The combined system

Years of research and development have allowed us to develop the Caffitaly System: a combined system consisting of machines and capsules whose components are protected by international patents. These patents guarantee the company and its partners a unique and reliable system and provide the necessary tools to achieve success in their respective markets.

ecaffe Capsules

The capsule

Each Caffitaly System capsule contains 8 grams of pure ground coffee, which is the perfect amount of coffee in order to preserve the flavour and aroma of all blends and employ the technology of the system in the best way.

Coffee extraction occurs by passing water at high pressure through an upper filter, uniformly infusing every single coffee grain, then through a bottom filter, resulting in a strong espresso with an intense aroma, covered by a thick, rich cream.

The capsule structure

The top film and capsule body are made up of 3 different layers to keep the capsule air-tight and protect the coffee inside against oxygen, maintaining its fresh aroma.

During the extraction, the filters allow an optimal and homogeneous distribution of the water through the coffee grains, ensuring maximum performance of the process.

The Caffitaly system's advantages

Easy, Fast and Handy

Easy: A simple touch produces a well made espresso in just a few seconds.

Fast: The air-tight, hygienic capsule is always ready for use.

Handy: The packaging is very light and compact.

Caffitaly System

Ideal dose, consistent quality

The capsule structure provides perfect filtration to ensure maximum yield of the blend. Each capsule contains 8 grams of ground coffee, the ideal dose for a true Italian espresso.

The coffee is always pressed to achieve a perfect result, and the steady extraction ensures the strength and body of the aroma.

Full, fresh aroma

Each Caffitaly System component has been designed and selected to achieve the best results.
The air-tight capsule eliminates the risk of oxidation over time and maintains the aroma and taste of the coffee: it preserves the same characteristics as freshly milled beans.

The best coffee blends are selected, and the exclusive machines are set to ensure the right amount of pressure for the best taste and aroma.

Your coffee is always perfect, from the first capsule to the last.


Our beverage assortment: it's not just about coffee

The special shape of Caffitaly System capsules allows us to package any kind of coffee, whether it's an excellent Italian espresso, American coffee or a caffè crema.

However, our product range also includes other delicious drinks such as Lemon Tea, Tea Leaves, Chamomile, Barley, Herbal tea, Hot chocolate and Hot milk.


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The production process

The phases of the production process

Collecting and storage of green coffee
Selection and cleaning process
Automatic packaging process
Logistics and shipping