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Get your own Espresso Bar with a low investment and low operational cost. Give yourself a chance to earn a good living by offering “The taste of Italy” to your neighborhood. See below for more…




Advantages of the 30 seconds system:

The true taste of Italy in 30 seconds Capsule System which ensures:


  • Easy & quick service, most drinks can be made in less than 30 seconds
  • Consistency: High quality of drinks, every time
  • Freshness of drinks because of revolutionary capsule technology
  • No need for highly skilled baristas, quick learning curve for employees Italian Concept, Italian Quality, Italian taste
  • Strong iconic “taste of Italy” concept
  • Capsules & blends prepared by Italian experts
  • All equipment and machines are designed in a revolutionary way for best result by Italians, made in Italy, upholding the Italian traditions for a perfect espresso
  • Strong differences from all coffee competition A great variety of hot and cold drinks offering a strong menu
  • 6 different blends of espresso
  • 3 different teas (lemon, chamomile, natural leaves)
  • Chocolate & Milk drink
  • French Coffee
  • Natural Coffee with Barley
  • Instant coffee with Ginseng
  • And much more Quick service at low price
  • Most drinks sold at less than €1
  • Low startup investment 
  • Less than €20.000 startup investment Lower operational costs such as employee and electricity High profit margins Requirements:
  • Excellent location which must be approved
  • Espresso bar must be run by owner or manager designated by owner


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