Want a Caffitaly coffee machine for FREE?

Just Pay For The Coffee You Use!

Drink just 3 cups of coffee per day and receive this Caffitaly Coffee Machine FREE on loan!

No Risk, No Contracts!

Italian Caffitaly Coffee Capsules, just .45 cents for a single shot!

Caffitaly capsules


Caffini Coffee Trading can provide you with a Free on Loan Caffitaly machine with no rental or lease costs. In order to keep the machine free on loan, our requirement is that your company purchases minimum 90 coffees per month from us.

90 coffees are 9 boxes = (€40,50)

  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Free maintenance & support
  • Ideal quantity – each single serve capsule contains 8 grams of coffee.
  • Lock of each capsule assures aroma freshness.
  • Different coffee blends, as well as capsules for tea and hot chocolate available.
  • Perfect for office or workspace.

Machine information



  1. 1.Complete the inquire form
  2. 2.We send you the machine
  3. 3.First order of 90 capsules (€40,50)
  4. 4.If happy, order more coffee or return the machine at any time
  5. 5.Never have maintenance cost. Just great coffee!

 Please Complete the inquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible